70 members families in year-round at The Forge Downtown in Cary in 2014-15.

Intensity of Participation

Most programs are year-round and part of the Forge Initiative’s Youth Leadership Program.


Overall Level of Volunteerism

13,000 professional volunteer hours in 2014-15:

  • Organizational development
  • Technical mentoring
  • Community hands-on outreach

K-12 Volunteer Hours

Our K-12 members volunteered 4,000 hours in 2014 to bring hands-on STEAM activities to 8,000+ people in the community

Institutional Support

Schools and Educational Support

In-school hands-on demos, displays at the NC TIES and Scaling STEM conferences

Professional Organizations

Partnering with IEEE in engineering outreach in our community

Community STEAM Support

Summer Library Programs Summer camps Train-the-trainer workshops for robotics league coaches